The MiniPolisz is located in the heart of the city, in the Király Street (Central Passage Building) on a surface of 1 100 m2. Our notion was an entirely new concept ensuring the entertainment for both children and families. Our main target is the children between the ages of 3 and 12.The MiniPolisz is not a playhouse, rather an interactive and creative city for children: a real and lifelike environment tailored for children, where “adult” things and services, which are otherwise unavailable for them are , can be tried )they may be customers or sellers in a supermarket, doctors in a clinic or in dentistry, hair-dressers in a beauty saloon) it means: “ a place where you can be adult, too”. We believe that “through the fun of playing together” we could essentially promote a better and more efficient communication between parents and children, too. Children may learn playfully it “city district” locations and they can also learn. We intend to upload the exhibition with contents that go beyond relaxation and represent real values.In the MiniPolisz we make our best to achieve that children might be received not on a playground, but on absolutely real squares, districts.


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