You have to see Budapest. As you can not inhale the scent of Paris from the travel books, You must stand and see the many sights, live and feel the moments, which does not give back a photo or a video! The Buda Castle, the Parliament, the Danube and the bridges are beautiful. These launch up “something” in our souls, when we are walking under the evening summer sky. Are you romantic or soul? Or rather lover of the architecture? This is your city.

Come and take a look around!


Mint ahogy sok nemzet konyhájának, úgy a Magyarnak sincs párja. Tradicionális ételeinket, lenyűgöző éttermeinket csak a vendég szeretetünk és a kiszolgálás képes felülmúlni. Ízletes, igazi ínyenc fogások közül válogathat Budapest számos pontján. Különleges ebéd a vágyatok? Exkluzív környezetben, romantikus vacsora? Jó baráti beszélgetés egybekötve egy gasztronómiai robbanással ? Itt a helyed, válogass világhírű éttermeink közül!


Amazing parties for all ages. Budapest find all the calculations, a nice gig if you want, but even if one night átdorbézolása the goal. Dancing acrobats, Operetta fans őrültjeinek techno music, disco lovers paradise. Compare the taste of clubs, meet people freed by finding what you really desire!


The live music experience can not be brought home. We need to live! There must be where the voice, the melody, the vibration is generated. Liberates the music, the music starts within us the harmony, or just removes the stress without compromise. The end result is the same: to make space for the soul of man, his body. Classical concerts are or rock concert hungry, maybe a pop concert old are you? Take a look around!

Most Popular Places

Play VR

PLAY VR BUDAPEST – VIRTUAL REALITY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Visit Play VR Budapest VR Arcade, and have an unforgettable VR experience!...

Milagro American And Grill

„Milagro American Grill is the kind of color and taste combination, where only authentic food, atmosphere, and extremly fast service...


We opened our shop “VinoWonka” in Aug 2012, at the newest gastro district of Budapest, Corvin sétány. We sell premium...

Tea House, Lounge, Bar

As winter is approaching, this is the perfect place to warm you up. Arrive with your friends or family, and...

Invisible Exhibition

Imagine that all the lights go out… The Invisible Exhibition Budapest is a unique interactive journey to an invisible world,...

Thököly Restaurant

CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR’S EVE IN THÖKÖLY RESTAURANT! One can find our restaurant named by Hungarian Grof Thököly at the...

Cöli Bisztró / Gluten-Free

Képzelj el egy helyet a Nyugati térnél, ahol minden gluténmentes. Ahol reggel friss kakaós csigával várunk és a gluténmentesség nálunk...

Kashmir Bazár & Restaurant

Very economical grocery shop. In heart of Budapest Pakistani Indiai Afghani Irani and Afrikai Food available. Right now come our...