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Once upon a time there was a young lady, who, after having earned her Ma degree at the Slow Food-inspired University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, came back to her homeland, with the aim of linking somehow her passion for food with her love for Hungary; that is how Eat&Meet was born in January 2015, as the realization of this lady’s dreams and projects supported by her parents, to help people to experience Hungarian gastronomy at its best.

* Do you wish to get a glimpse to a local family’s life…? Eat&Meet offers a unique dining experience at their family-run restaurant – featured in the Saveur magazine as well – of which purpose is to show people the genuine Hungarian cuisine and to give an insight to the culture and locals’ life. Dinners are hosted in a flat situated just by the Danube, offering a breath-taking view over the river with the sunset. These dinners give you the chance not only to taste homemade dishes with characteristics of the local cuisine, but also to get to know a local family and various people coming from all around the world, who are just as curious and excited as you to have this experience of a lifetime.

* Do you wish to see Budapest through different eyes…? Guidebooks might tell you what to see and where to eat, but they won’t tell you what and how to eat… To discover off-the-beaten path eateries and sample delicious local foods and drinks, join a Gastronomic Ramble program, which is a small-group foodie tour in Budapest. This food walk introduces you to the Hungarian gastronomy, and reveals secrets about the cuisine, culture and history, whilst tasting numerous local delicacies at different venues. It is a small-group program, which can be tailored to any specific interest and request, available in French, Italian and English as well. A truly memorable experience, where you’ll get to know hidden foodie gems, discover new flavours and learn about Hungarian history and culture.

* Do you wish to see a different face of Hungary, not only Budapest…? Eat&Meet organises Food&Wine Adventures to the Hungarian countryside, to open up a world which is inaccessible without the help of a local. These one-day trips, featured also in the Huffington Post, show hidden gems and delicious treasures like a drop of honey or a sip of wine, spread over the Hungarian countryside.

So why choosing Eat&Meet? Because love is the most crucial ingredient in food, and there’s no better way to find it than eating at a family’s place. Because food is the key to a nation’s heart, so there’s no better way to get access to Hungary than our food tour, led by a lady who has an infinite passion and love for Hungary and its gastronomy. Whichever program you’ll join, be prepared for getting “contaminated” by this young lady and her love for this country; she’s truly like a gastronomic ambassador of Hungary!

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