Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant

My Ladies and My Lords,

If thy stomach might crumble and your cook be out, the solution is simple, Thy task then is only to travel, And the magic of Sir Lancelot’s empire unravel. Behind the ornate gate enter in the world of the Middle Ages, Ornaments on the walls, On tables candles glow, The mood of times bygone, Are remembered so. And in order to keep your mouth full, we’ll serve you a roast dove, not just a mouthful. When the bell tolls midday, the cook sets your feast on the furnace. Come and be entertained, forgetting jousts, ladies, little misses and misters, trusting my servants when you lay back in my court, lifting your cup for a cheer in your hand!

H-1065 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 14.
+36 1 302 4456

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