There is practically no human being who has never dreamed of flying like a bird. Mankind have always wanted to fly, and the Wright brothers were the ones to first acheive this dream. They were the ones that first created a maneuverable, powered, heavier than air aircraft. Since then, technology has improved a lot, and nowadays we are able to fly our mere bodies, and we are able to float with the help of the air blowing upwards in a closed system. SKYWARD wind tunnel is the first closed, air-circulating freefall simulator in Hungary, that gives you  the opportunity to try this unforgettable experience. Age limit is minimum 5 years, and there is no maximum.
The Skyward Wind Tunnel provides great entertainment and sport activities for the total beginners and for the pro skydivers as well. In this machine everybody can try the experience of free fall with its sweet excitement. In the Tunnel we can produce maximum 260 km/h, which allows us to fly on our belly, back even sit fly and head down can be done and that covers all the possible ways we could fly while we skydive. We have very accurately adjustable wind speed so 5 year old kids and over 100 kg adults can fly too, which means anybody can fly and enjoy the floating experience. The big advantage of the Wind Tunnel is that its ageless. Anybody can try from kids to elderly adults. Kids can start this new sport from the early age of 4-5 years old. The Free Fall simulator is perfect for beginner and pro skydivers or  anybody who just want to try how to fly and for the Tunnel flyers who has no skydiving ambition, but loves to fly and becomes professional in the airflow. We have skilled and certified Instructors to help you in the wind and teach you how to improve your skills. They give you theory and constant instructions during the flight as well so your improvement is very fast.

GPS: 47.432379,19.055332

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