About Logixity:
We have two types of escape games: Classic and Live Actor.
Classic, is pretty much what it sounds like. You and your team get to escape, by solving a series of puzzles and have fun while you’re at it.
Live Actor… Well it’s our specialty. We are professional actors and we integrated our acting skills into our escape games. If you are a video gamer, you might know this feature as an NPC, a non playing character. So you get the idea…

Case File: Art Thief
Style: Classic, Investigation
Players: 2-6
Recommended for: casual players, who like a brain challenge
Case File: Art Thief, is one of our ”classic” escape games. In this game: you’ll be freelance detectives, whom are about to be hired by authorities to track down and repossess artistic treasures, stolen by the professional, most wanted art thief: Lorande Hugo. Your job won’t be an easy one, since Lorande is an extremely intelligent criminal. He rigged the place with puzzles so hard, not even the most clever code-breakers could get through them… Can you do it?

Rescue Mission
Style: Live Actor, counter-terrorism, rescuing agent, choppers…
Players: 2-6
Recommended for: players who want something special apart from the brain challenge

Rescue Mission is one of our trademark escape games, which includes a professional actor in your game experience.
This time you’ll have to jobs. Primary objective: Locating the enemy headquarters. Secondary objective: Rescuing the captured agent. The last one is also optional. But it’d be really nice if you could do it…
The captured agent will try to help you, but considering he got caught… I wouldn’t count on it.

Style: Live Actor, undercover, stop nuclear bombing
Players: 2-6
Recommended for: brave players who want something special apart from the brain challenge
Infiltration is also one of our live actor escape games. And oh boy, you’re in for a treat this time…
Your mission is to go undercover in a Rrusovian base and prevent a nuclear bombing. However it’s not that easy… Soon after you enter the place, you’ll be introduced to ”The Butcher”. A Rrusovian autopsist professor, who does not take kindly to visitiors. You’ll have to stay on your guard and use your brains, so he won’t be suspicious of you. One of our agents already failed and kinda dead. So for the love of God… Don’t. Get. Caught.

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